E&I inspections

In most industrial sectors such as chemical, automotive, power, metallurgical or oil & gas, large construction projects involve the purchase of vast number of Electrical & Instrumentation items supplied by many different manufacturers.

Quality and safety is key for these projects. So it is of vital importance to check the quality of every single item, no matter how small. These items range from raw material to finished products. As some indication of the diversity of items concerned, they can include cables, heavy-duty motors, transformers and automation products. Any purchase carries embedded risk. If a part is faulty, but the fault is not detected, the risk of something going wrong becomes embedded within the new asset.

Shop Inspection involves inspecting item at their place of manufacture before delivery. This is the most convenient and cost-effective way to determine whether a product, service, process, piece of equipment or installation complies with expressed needs, customer expectations, applicable regulations or other specific requirements. Shop inspection can include design review, review of material certificates, visual inspection, attendance, supervision of performance of mechanical or functions tests and Factory Acceptance Test.

What are the benefits?

Knowledge and Expertise: Our qualified local teams are familiar with inspecting all kinds of supplies: material and components, pressure equipment, mechanical equipment and machinery, electrical equipment.


Design Review Services:
Design Appraisal & Review to verify completeness, Compliance to end users requirements, Statutory norms / codes & Safety.
Document Review of Project Document for compliance to QAP, FAT & SAT.

Inspection Services:
Inspections at Vendor location as per Specifications, Quality Assurance Plan.
System Integration Inspection, including Factory Acceptance Test, Type & Routine Test & Functional Safety Integration.
Inspection of Electrical & Instrumentation Components, Sub-assembly & Power Equipment.

Site QA/QC Services:
Site QA/QC services to assist in Site Quality Compliance to end users requirements.

Reference Documents:
P O, Tech. Specs., GA Drgs., Data Sheet & QAP.
Pre Inspection Meeting:
Review of Inspection Documents, QAP, Test Facilities.
Review of Calibration Certificates, Acceptance Criteria.
Finalization of Inspection Schedule, BV/Client Interventions,
Witness/Review Points. To ensure Compliance of Equipment to Clients
Specs & achieve Value Addition.

Inspection Process:
Review of MOC’s, Internal QC Documents.
Witnessing of Routine/Acceptance/Type Tests.
Witnessing Functional & Safety Logic Tests, FAT, SAT, SIT.
Review of Type Test Certificates Calibration Certificates.

Issue of Stage / Final Inspection Report / NCR.
Release of all Hold points.
Issue of Inspection Report / Certificate and/or Release Note.