Looking for a CSA Discipline Engineer

Construction & Maintenance, Engineering, Project coordination, Project Management

Role description
Under the leadership and direction of the Engineering Manager, the role of the CSA Discipline
Engineer is to deliver technical excellence by overseeing the activities of the engineering
contractor(s), primarily through the review of engineering deliverables and design documentation as
specified in the project’s Engineering Management Plan (EMP). The CSA Discipline Engineer is the
first point of contact for the contractors’ engineers to resolve questions related to the project’s
design philosophies and technical standards. In the engineering and design phases of the project,
they verify that the contractors are following the technical direction set by the Engineering
Manager. During the field execution they provide support to the construction, commissioning and
start‐up teams by responding to questions related to the design and verifying that the design intent
is maintained until handover to operations.

Perform all CSA engineering efforts as described below on the MAIN project. The CSA
Discipline Engineer will be based at the refinery in the early Select Stage of the project and
then move to the engineering and procurement (EP) office(s) after the Configuration Selection
Review and through Define and detailed engineering of Execute. The CSA Discipline Engineer will
then return to the Refinery when all vendor equipment and bulk material orders have progressed to the
point that the EP office(s) can be closed with the exception of a small back‐office team supporting an
active field engineering presence at the project site.

Main responsibility of the job is to deliver technical excellence by:

Interface activities:

The role manages the following key interface activities with the:

Skills and competences: